Persy 0.1

This is the announcement of the release of Persy the initial step for a single file storage engine fully written in Rust.

What can be done with Persy 0.1

Presy 0.1 can be already used as a transactional storage of Vec<u8> inside a file, so as simple crash resistant data file format, or as a backend of a experimental database.

What is ready in 0.1

  • Vec<u8> based record insert,update,delete and read
  • Records grouping based on segments
  • Create and Drop of Segment
  • Transactional Record and Segment operations
  • Read-Committed transaction isolation
  • Two-Phase commit
  • Consistency guaranteed by transaction log
  • Non Transactional record scan
  • Full Multithread support for record operations

What is unstable in 0.1

  • Unstable Segment operations in Multithread
  • Missing record scan in transaction
  • Missing file lock for already open files
  • API not yet finalized
  • Missing public API for transaction finalize/rollback during transaction recover
  • Missing addressing space reuse after record delete
  • Suboptimal addressing space update