Persy 0.1

Basic architecture
Transaction Journal
Transactional insert, update, delete, read
Non transactional read and scan
Two phase commit transactions
LRU Cache
Multithread Support for insert, update, delete, read operations
Transactional segment create and drop

Persy 0.2

Transactional scan
Multithread support for segment create and drop operations
Flush operations optimizations
Multiversion concurrency management for record update

Persy 0.3

Double open check with file lock
Guarantee disk space reuse recycling address space
API for drive transaction recover in case of crash
Introduced recover from crash and advanced concurrency management examples
Made sure that recover work in multiple crash scenario

Persy 0.4

x Introduce read, write, read+write benchmarks
x Add example for 2pc
x Evaluation integration with existing indexing implementations or implementation of indexing from scratch

Persy 0.5

x Implement feedbacks from the community if any
x More changes will be defied while the 0.4 develop

Persy 1.0

x Exists a community of users that have done some testing
x Every thing before actually works

Persy 1.x

x Advanced caching algorithms
x Introduction of possible async disc operations