Persy 0.2

The second step for a single file storage engine completely written in rust is done.

What can be done with Persy 0.2

  • Everything that could be done with 0.1
  • Scan of segment with access to the record identifier for handle updates
  • Scan of segment in transaction including the transaction changes
  • Finer control of concurrent update with concurrency strategies
  • Reduced number of flush needed in transaction commit
  • Reduced log size using segment ids instead of names
  • Full support for Multi-thread operation on segments

Still a long path

Few things have been stabilized in this release and the API start to looks final, lot of more things need to be done and a lot of more thing are cool to have included in the storage, like for example indexing support, at this level anyway the storage can be safely used as a backend for a simple database, to be aware though that file binary compatibility won't be guaranteed till 1.0